Working from Home

In recent days, we have seen unprecedented and dramatic changes in our world. With the quick spread of COVID-19, many people are anxious, unsure of what is to come, and what impacts this pandemic will have on their health, finances, relationships, and day-to-day lives. With these changes, we also are seeing people wanting to help in whatever ways they can, whether that be helping providing for the physical needs of others by grocery shopping for the most vulnerable to the tireless efforts of those who serve our communities in public service positions. There are ways we can all be a help to each other during these times.

One way that we at Promus see an opportunity to help is by sharing our expertise in working from home to those who are having to transition to this format last-minute. No doubt most who are able are working through the various work arrangements of your employees as well as your clients and consultants in efforts to keep projects moving along.  Here is some insight on how we at Promus are handling the current situation.

One advantage that Promus has is that it was founded 10 years ago as a home-based work environment and is still to this day.  All of our engineers work from home and not only are we used to it, we are good at it.  Technology, dedicated workspaces, strict procedures, and working to overcommunicate/coordinate have helped us establish a culture that thrives in this work style.  In essence, we may be at home, but it’s about as close to an office environment as we can reproduce.

So, if you are unsure if we can support you at this time not only can I say “Yes”, but I believe we may be better suited to do so than any other engineer at this time.  We look forward to any opportunity to serve you.