Here at Promus we have fully embraced the work from home concept.

Our clients expect seamless coordination between our teams. We deliberately setup our entire organization to exceed that expectation while working remotely. In order to continuously deliver top-notch engineering design and support in this environment we looked to web/cloud based technologies. Collaboration happens through our IP phone system, web hosted email, Skype, and Go-To Meeting. Some of our project management tools include Archioffice Online for productivity management, custom reports for clients, and Dropbox for file storage and digital document security.

Building our business on this idea has allowed our team members to live virtually anywhere with a strong and reliable internet connection.

The benefits of working from home are easy to list. We are proud of our zero commute opportunity which increases family time, saves money and reduces environmental impacts. As Michael Scott so eloquently cheered in an episode of The Office, “That’s a Win…Win…Win!”

We can provide energy efficient designs which meet your budget.