From our founding in 2009, Promus has grown to have associates in over 5 states. Working from home for the first year, we came to enjoy the benefits of a zero commute lifestyle and abandoned our original intentions of locating office space. We found that utilizing web-based collaboration tools actually enhanced our coordination efforts and embraced the work from home concept. Working from home is not for everyone. Our rigorous screening process including interviews and a detailed work style analysis helps us find the best associates suited for our business model. Read more about How We Work.

Project success is what we strive for. Our guiding principle will always be to design projects as if we owned them. In order to deliver quality projects we must continue to grow. Growth is not just in numbers but in quality of work. Increasing our knowledge base and teaching others provide the foundation of Promus. New associates are mentored by everyone with experience until they are fully competent in the disciplines in which they work. Deliberate associate training and strict quality control processes are part of our culture.

Our business model can leave us with inherent pressure to perform for our clients. Most days, we are very busy completing tasks and coordinating all of our design disciplines. That said, we strive to create a fun cooperative atmosphere providing zero space for bad attitudes. With associates working around the country we have established an annual company retreat. At the retreat we include team building activities such as white water rafting and strangely competitive corn hole games. You can see photos of our retreats in the Our Stewards page.