Utility Substation Project Highlight

115/12KV Distribution – South Georgia

This Utility Substation Design project consisted of installing three new 12KV distribution breakers, a new 12KV feeder protection panel, a new 115/12KV transformer protection panel and a modern SCADA panel. The existing panels in the station were of the electro-mechanical type, with the existing drawings dating back to the 1960’s time frame.

Promus was able to issue new drawings for much of the substation, designing the protection schemes to the latest industry standards, working with the field engineers to provide a design that was straightforward to install and easy to use going forward.

These upgrades also included a new 240/120 VAC station service panel in the substation yard, new 130VDC circuit distribution to much of the substation equipment, a new transformer alarm monitoring system, and new substation yard lighting.

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