H1: Energy Consulting

Energy efficient design is inherent in the design services we offer, but often certain projects may wish to achieve LEED certification, or an owner may want to evaluate their building’s energy usage and system upgrade options. Our services include:

  • Building Commissioning
  • Building Energy Modeling & Energy Audits
  • Lighting & Mechanical System Controls
  • LEED Certification


What is LEED Certification:


LEED- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.


According to the United States Green Building Council, “The LEED plaque on a building is a mark of quality and achievement in green building”. There is currently 1.85 million square feet of construction space being LEED certified every day, according to the USGBC. “LEED certification provides independent verification of a building or neighborhood’s green features, allowing for the design, construction, operations and maintenance of resource-efficient, high-performing, healthy, cost-effective buildings. LEED is the triple bottom line in action, benefiting people, planet and profit.” (leed.usgbc.org) Also, according to the USGBC in the U.S. buildings account for 38% of all CO2 emissions, 13.6% of all potable water (15 trillion gal./year) and 73% of all electricity consumption.


Benefits of obtaining LEED Certification for your building:

Provide Competitive Differentiator

Make for happier employees and occupants

Attract Tenants

Save energy and resources, Lower operating costs

Cost Effective

Provide public relations community benefits

Increase Rental Rates

Optimize Health and Wellbeing


LEED Projects earn points across nine basic areas that address key aspects of green buildings:

  1. Integrative Process
  2. Location and Transportation
  3. Sustainable sites
  4. Water Efficiency
  5. Energy and atmosphere
  6. Materials and Resources
  7. Indoor environmental quality
  8. Innovation
  9. Regional Priority


Based on the number of points achieved, a project earns one of four LEED rating levels:

LEED Certified                      LEED Silver           LEED Gold             LEED Platinum


Have links to our LEED projects on portfolio pages (if we have images for these or keep them on the page depending on how website is setup):

  1. Porche Center- San Antonio, TX LEED Gold
  2. Covington Ford- Covington, GA LEED Silver (we have pics- presentation)
  3. Post Road Library- Cumming, GA LEED Silver (we have pictures- presentation)
  4. Westbrook Toyota- Westbrook, CN LEED Certified (we have pics- presentation)



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